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Flexible, easily customisable UI Design System for Sketch. Design your own UI using predefined components structure or take advantage of ready-to-use templates. Generate Style Guides in seconds.

Available for Sketch. Framer X, Figma, Adobe XD coming soon.

Complete solution for every designer & developer

Brand New UI Design System with clear grids, spacings, shapes, typography and colors descriptions. Showcased on 195+ ready to use templates. With 300+ easily customisable elements.




UI Themes


RWD Concept Apps


Layer & Text Styles




Design System
Full Holo Music Overview

Versatile design system rocking light theme —  for even more than music.

Light like a feather UI Theme that spiced up with tasty Ribbon Blue Theme color. Perfect for Music Services and more: Dashboards, Audiobooks Apps, News websites or Artists personal sites.

Featuring Dark UI that looks great not only at night.

Say Hi to our classical Dark Theme. Versatile style perfect for all sorts of things that can be easily mixed with our Light Theme for even slicker look & feel. Classy Music Streaming vibes.

Holo Music is more than just an UI Kit – learn about Style Guide and Design Principles.

Holo Music is more than just an UI Kit – learn about Style Guide and Design Principles.


Design System Principles

We invested a lot of time to update HM with real life Design Principles that will help you understand how to use it. Design Systep Principles features detailed descriptions of Grids, Typography, Spacing or building specific colors palettes for your projects.


Style Guide

Style Guide describes in more details how different components are constructed, how do they behave on hover or focus states or which type style should be used in specific case.


UI LIbraries

Holo Music is stuffed with various types of widgets, cards & components. Starting with a simple tag item, up to detailed stats. All of them are presented and described in one place. You won't need to browse through Symbols palette to find what you need. Just look at UI Library Tab.

Easily customisable and fun to use

Holo Music Features more than 190 ready to use screen designs but it's not just an UI Kit. This is a complete UI Design System which make it easy to customise or develop it further. Style Guide updated automatically.


Layer & Text Styles

All text and layer styles are bind with appropriate, predefined styles. If you'll like to modify for example main theme color, you do it in one place and it changes everywhere!



Sketch Files are based on customisable and easy to use symbols built with Atomic Design approach in mind. Modify component once and it'll change throughout whole Design System.


Material Design Compliant

Holo Music was based on Material design principles and inherit MD approach to grids, spacings, and overall design principles building on top of that.


Easy Developer Handoff

When you customise Holo Music, all the changes are automatically pushed to the system style guide. Always ready for the developer handoff.

Built to be universal

We’re starting with full Sketch support, but Figma, Adobe XD and Framer X versions are comming soon!

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The Story behind it

Tom, Holo Music Creator

Many times I was approached by awesome people who wanted to ship great music related products. But the sad thing is that often, at an early stage, they can’t afford custom design. That was the reason I decided to make Holo Music Design System.

I had a great pleasure working with companies like Beat Stars of Frisky, designing their online experiences. Holo Music was built on the experience we gathered.

I wanted Holo Music to be universal, but there’s no doubt that its core is about music. But no matter if you're going to build promo website for your service, or add additional functionalities.

We got it covered.This is just the beginning of our journey, make sure to be a part of it!

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Open Roadmap

We put an enormous amount of time and heart into this project, and we are very excited to present it to you. With the 2nd update we finally reached version 1.0. But that's definitely not and end of our journey. We'll continue to update and expand Holo Music. Few of our plans for the future:

  • Learning resources on how to customise and exmapnd Holo Music on your own
  • Symbols & Templates refinements
  • New concept apps and new screens for existing ones
  • New components and style guide expansion
  • Full Figma, Framer & Adobe XD Release
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